Change Log

2/12/16 - Added a Paia 1980 catalog here. Thanks to Bob Grieb for the contribution!

2/1/16 - Added a link to an article about the Parasound String Controlled Synth in the Dec. 21, 1968 Billboard Magazine here.

10/17/15 - Completed all link repairs on Synth & Studio Docs Archive. Let me know if you experience any problems on that page.

10/9/15 - All files have been successfully relocated. Edits are being done to the Synth & Studio Docs Archive page to link the new file locations. Being done in small batches, as time permits. As of today, most links repaired, except Paia and Polyphony sections.

10/1/15 - All file download links on the Synth & Studio Docs Archive page have broken due to Comcast discontinuing any personal web space usage on their servers. Documents will be migrated to Polyphony's Dropbox space for future downloads.

3/1/15 - Added 8782 keyboard docs, and Friendly Stories books to Paia docs section of Archives. Thanks to TonyB for these!

10/12/13 - Added Polyphony Volume 10 issues here. Thanks to Sjoerd Bijleveld for the contribution!

5/8/13 - Added a NEW hi-res Paia 4771 Power Supply manual, 3750 Programmable Drum Set and 2720-5 LFO/Noise manuals

5/8/13 - Added SWR Triad speaker crossover schematics

2/28/13 - Added the audio file for the Roger Powell demo in the ARP documents, added Roland System 100 docs.

2/15/13 - Added ARPeggio newsletters; Paia 4710 and 8785 manuals, Elka and Freeman String synth schematics, and some textbooks - Refresh the document archive page in your browser whenever you drop by. That way you will always pick up the latest changes! Then, just scan the page for the "new" icons.

8/15/12 - Added Synare 3 Service Manual here

4/20/12 - Added ARP 3620 Keyboard Owner's Manual in Document Archive here

2/15/12 - Adding many synth manuals to the Doc Archives : ARP, EML, Moog, Oberheim. Some synth textbooks too.

11/15/11 - Beginning adding Polyphony publications here - Grayscale now - will add color cover scans later.

3/22/11 - Synth DIY projects to use the mounting ear spaces in Frac Racks, posted here

3/22/11 - Finally! The real ARP Sequencer Patch Chart - added to the Documents Archive here

2/19/09 - added A/DA STD-1 Users Manual to the Documents Archive here , and a 1970's Pratt Read keyboard brochure here

12/09/08 - added a shot of the Electro-Larynx option to the Pygmy page

11/30/08 - Updated Studio pics in the Archive; added Parasound String Controlled Synth pages to the Archive

11/25/08 - added a DIY ARP Sequencer Patch Chart to the Documents Archive here

11/10/08 - massive overhaul to the Documents area in the Archive - added ARP and MOTM docs, Paia Gnome Interfacing reprint

9/07/08 - updated For Sale page - remove sold items.

1/31/08 - added EK-3 to Paia Documents archives

1/09/08 - added users manuals to Stringz page, and modified Paia Documents organization in Archives to better track web stats

12/28/07 - updated Pygmy page

12/03/07 - Additions to the Paia Documents Archive here

11/09/07 - Text and pictures added to 1550 Stringz and most Paia product pages here

11/06/07 - convert site to Dreamweaver support

10/05/07 - New Paia documents section in Archive here

9/25/07 - updated For Sale page, lowered prices, more pics for some units, updated Gear List page

3/19/07 - corrected Paia links throughout to work with their new site structure. Let me know if I missed any! ;-)

7/26/06 - more Synergy tales and pics here , updated Gear List page , new pics of double-wide synth rack here .

6/29/06 - added to Morrie's pages here & here, added Larry Fast / Synergy page, added Paia products pages .

6/20/06 - added Larry Fast's tribute to John Simonton here

4/04/06 - revised navigation banners at bottom of pages

3/01/06 - updated Publications page

2/24/06 - added Morrie's music page

1/27/06 - more NAMM Memorial story, more John stories,

1/24/06 - correction to Contact form. Please go to that page, "Refresh" your browser, and retransmit info. Thanks!

1/21/06 - NAMM '06 photos, NAMM Memorial photos

1/16/06 - new Paia index, more Paia , more OkC studio, more Polyphony

1/4/06 - new Contact form, more Memorial

12/30/05 - new NAMM OHP photos and story

12/16/05 - corrections to Morrie's pics, re-org TOC

12/12/05 - expanded Paia coverage, new John's memorial page, NAMM link, minor cleanups

7/29/05 - revised frame layout to 2 frame model, worked on archives

7/28/05 - New top w/ frames architecture. Added: Morrie photo gallery, synth rack project, site map, and a change log page

7/15/05 - For Sale pages added

2/09/05 - added Gear List, guitar & amp photos

6/1/04 - added A-frame synth racks, DAW w/ LCDs

7/15/02 - added new studio photos

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