Quotes Section

I've gotten into the habit of collecting funny quotes. Comedy is cool, but if you don't remember what was so funny, it's only funny once. It has occured to me that if I stopped doing Quotes Pages, I could easily start an online comic strip, or add them into my stories like I used to all the time. Funny quotes from school went into my Sonic FanFiction with the Mercenaries.

But anyway. Quotes Pages 1, 2 and 3 are just chronological ordered quotes I've collected. The New Quotes page is enormous, but ordered by category, who said it, etc. The Quotey Quotes are all the Philisophical Ones you'd expect to find on a normal quotes page.

  • Quotes Page #1 (Oldest)

  • Quotes Page #2 (New)

  • Quotes Page #3 (Newest)

  • The New Quotes Page (Ordered)

  • Quotey Quotes (Philisophical)