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This internet site contains some reportage about the Bohemian Grove. Some of it dates from the 1980's and may not be current. It is an incomplete picture of the Bohemian Grove and Bohemian Club and it is mostly an outsider's critical view. The Bohemian Grove is located in Sonoma County in California, north of San Francisco. The Bohemian Grove is the country retreat of the Bohemian Club, a private men's club headquartered in San Francisco. Each summer the club holds a gathering at the Grove, usually around the last two weeks in July. The club has over 2000 members, with no racial, religious or political restrictions on membership, but new members must be sponsored and approved, and there is a considerable waiting list. The club has a focus on the arts, music, and theater.

The Bohemian Grove has a reputation as being a gathering spot for some of the nation's wealthiest individuals and most powerful politicians. While this is true, it should be noted that the Grove is also attended by many with no claim to fame. The material here focuses more on individuals who are already prominent. A lot of my photographic coverage was made at a local airport used by some of the Bohemian Club members and guests traveling to and from the Grove from other parts of the country. As a result, individuals pictured are likely to live and work elsewhere than the San Francisco Bay area where the club's membership is concentrated. My photo coverage of the Grove spans a period of more than ten years, so it cannot be assumed that anyone pictured was at the Grove at the same time as someone in another photo.


Several books and magazine articles and a couple of links that pertain to the Bohemian Grove. (all text)


Some magnificent flying machines used by the men. (around 71 K. of images)

Photos 1

Photos of Ronald Reagan, George Shultz, Colin Powell, and Henry Kissinger. (around 57 K. of images)

Photos 2

Photos of George Bush, Richard Cheney, Caspar Weinberger, Malcolm Forbes, Jack Kemp, and Alan Greenspan. (around 67 K. of images)


The U.S. Congress looked into William Casey's 1980 Bohemian Grove visit. (around 94 K. of text and graphics)


In 1995 House Speaker Newt Gingrich traveled to Bohemian Grove. (around 68K. of images)


Photographs made on the periphery of Bohemian Grove give some idea of camp life. (around 46 K. of images)

Nukes '87

No longer up to date, this article from 1987 examines nuclear weapons industry connections. (around 86 K. of graphics)

Work 1

An account of a summer job at the Bohemian Grove. (mostly text)

Work 2

In 1987 employees of the Bohemian Club demonstrated during contract negotiations. (text with around 51 K. of images)


Several photos of interest made inside the Bohemian Grove are at other locations on the web. (link page is text only)
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