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  • Can you state your personal VALUES ?
  • Have you stated your personal and family FINANCIAL PHILOSOPHY ?
  • Are your deepest personal VALUES FULLY EXPRESSED by your financial plans?
  • Will your life accomplishments be affirmed in your LEGACIES ?
  • How do you wish to express WHAT YOU STAND FOR ?


In the broadest sense, there are three things we can do with our money:

  • Spend it on ourselves/family
  • Pay taxes
  • Support worthy endeavors

As much as we might like to pick only the first, successful people must pick at least two of the three. Taxes can be an easy choice, since all we have to do to volunteer to pay estate taxes is nothing or very little .

Adequate Planning is essential to claiming our rights and exercising our freedom!


Legacy Solutions works with individuals and families to accomplish long-term financial goals. In this process, David Harris, principal consultant, facilitates the planning of your expressions of individual and family legacies. 

The objective is optimizing your control of your financial future while expressing your values to your family and community.

UpWho’s involved

The planning process involves all the people you choose to include, each to the degree you wish:
  • Your advisors - financial, legal, and tax professionals
  • Family members
  • Trusted friends

Together we move beyond the common scenario when one set of financial goals is assumed for everyone. 

Then you discover how charitable gift mechanisms can accomplish multiple financial goals for you, much more than gifts to charity.


The result is greater financial security, while equipping you to make financial plans that express your personal values and financial philosophy. Over time, these actions communicate your closest, most cherished values to your children, grandchildren, future generations, or other loved-ones, and your community.

What better way is there to make a lasting statement of the values you want most to pass on than a plan that communicates what you hold dear in your heart?

  • Gain new perspectives on ways to conserve, control, & use your assets.
  • Develop personal financial goals that are congruent with your values.
  • Facilitate teamwork among your professional advisors.
  • Overcome the barriers of differences in values and financial philosophy within families and business associates.
  • Optimize your goals -- including your financial security and independence, inheritance for your family, and support for your chosen community interests.
  • Minimize taxes, optimize your control over your assets.
  • Feel good about your Legacy .


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Legacy Solutions

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