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  • Do you know the potential for planned gifts to your organization?
  • What Benefit : Cost Ratio is likely for expenses to develop gifts?
  • Can planned gifts bring money for programs now?
  • Can you balance your organization’s current budget while developing planned gifts?

70% of American households give to charity each year, yet only 6% leave gifts to charity in their estates.

Most charities rely on gifts and grants from current income for 95+% of their support.

Senior citizens control 80% of all financial assets in the US.


"People give from three pockets."

This statement refers to an analogy between three pockets for holding money and three types of financial resources that most people have during their lifetimes.

  • Coin pocket = Current Income
  • Bill pocket = Discretionary Savings
  • Checkbook = Accumulated Assets

Most organizations rely on gifts from current income for most of their support. In our experience, the reason for this is that current fund raising is what most organizations have the expertise to do.

Legacy Solutions SM , through its principal consultant, David Harris, provides the experience to develop gifts from the other two pockets, -- bringing financial support from " new sources ," both among new and established donors.


Legacy Solutions SM works with non-profit organizations to design and implement a planned giving program. Actions include

  • Assess Development Needs and Fundraising Potential
  • Facilitate Planned Gift Program Design
  • Educate Prospects about Estate Planning and Planned Gifts
  • Equip Board Directors and Staff to play an active role in Planned Giving
  • Inform and involve professional advisors
  • Develop personalized gift strategies and illustrations for interested individuals
  • Gift Planning support for staff, board, donors and donors’ advisors
  • Periodically assess management of resulting Trusts and Endowments
  • Facilitate Gift Policy making

An effective planned giving program is under way! You are educating donors on the benefits of planned gifts to your organization and to them. The new gifts that result for your organization are largely from accumulated assets, rather than from the donors’ annual income, giving you new sources of support.

  • Gifts from new sources, even among long-time donors
  • Integrate the current fundraising and planned giving programs
  • Avoid erroneous expectations and overcome misperceptions
  • Facilitate teamwork
  • Feel good about the organization’s viability and future – its legacy !
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David J. Harris, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant
355 Gemma Circle
Santa Rosa, CA 95404-2733

Tel. (707) 539-0241

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