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Value (val ¢ u) Added [Latin – valere]
Going beyond the expected level to provide extra value through:
  • Comprehensive strategies, 
  • Extraordinary knowledge, 
  • Sensitivity to clients values and goals, 
  • Commitment to service, 
  • Attitude of trust. 
  • Would you like to assist your clients in making financial plans that are consistent with their deepest values and beliefs?
  • Is tax reduction important for your clients? 
  • Is your time best used researching strategies for charitable trusts or in interacting with your clients?
  • Do you have top-of-the-line software to illustrate the financial and tax aspects of charitable trusts?Do you optimize major sale transactions with partial-interest funding of tax-favored vehicles?

Legacy Solutions works with professional advisors to support their planning work with clients. This service allows you to add value in your service to your clients. 

Using years of experience and specialized software for analysis, David Harris, principal consultant, assists you in integrating the full range of charitable, tax-favored strategies into the financial picture of your clients. The strategies include 

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs), well-known for sheltering capital gain
  • Charitable Lead Trusts (CLTs) for powerful and safe valuation discounting
  • Other well-tested, yet less-known strategies, like Bargain Sales

Our goal is to provide you with the services you need to work effectively with your clients. Services include 

  • Assessing client groups with greatest potential to benefit
  • Developing personalized strategies and illustrations for your use
  • Supporting your planning needs
  • Facilitating development of Family Financial Philosophies and Family Gift Policy statements

For most people over 60, gift and estate planning is as important a tax issue as income tax planning.


By working with David Harris, you can

  • Add value for your clients.
  • Save time by using our expertise.
  • Make money reselling planning time.
  • Develop solid gift and estate plans with your clients.
  • Integrate multiple strategies, like FLPs/LLCs with CLTs.
  • Optimize goals.
  • Overcome erroneous expectations, misperceptions, and family barriers.
  • Facilitate teamwork in implementing the clients’ plans.


  • Active solutions to major planning issues
  • Satisfied clients
  • Increased work product
  • Income for you

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David J. Harris, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant
355 Gemma Circle
Santa Rosa, CA 95404-2733

Tel. (707) 539-0241

Legacy Solutions

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