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Graphics Sounds Exe Hacks


Barney Doom (two barneys and some supporters with music and sound) for Doom 1 (972K)
Barney, Energiser Bunny, Pac Doom
Barney and Clinton Doom v1.0

U. S. Marine Corps Doom The Marine Corps training simulation.
"Mouth for War!" Modified for coop play with extra sound effects
"War" Special deathmatch level for the "Mouth for War!" patch

Theme Doom patch 1.7 (Theme 17) Alien vs Predator vs Terminator in Doom 1 or 2

Pacwad (a Pac-Man wad) "Put your gun away and grab the cherries because it's berserk time! Now go munch some ghosts!"

Sonic Doom Turns troopers into Sonic.
Tails for Doom 1 or 2 Turns Imp's into Tails (The orange fox thing from Sonic 2)
Sonic the Hedgehog Doom Textures, music, and sounds.

Bubblegum Crisis Doom 2 - (A Japanese anime. Most of it will work with Doom 1. 440K)

Carwarz: unique graphics, (new monsters,) and cheery music (1M)

Cyberdemon becomes Gumby (86K)

"Legalize It!" theme for Doom 1 or 2 (1M)

Mega Man X (298K) - from a PC game by Capcom Ltd

Sargeants become Stephanie Seymore (204K)

Transformers Doom 1 or 2 (1M)


Captain N: The Game Master - the Saturday morning cartoon series which ran on NBC from 1989 to 1992 (1.4M)

Sliders: Prepare to Meet thy Doom (1.9M)

War of the Worlds (506K)

Exe Hacks

The New Breed (including Development Kit) (1.8M) - 4 Maps, hacking, new weapons, textures, music

The Ultimate Blood patch II for Doom 2 (760K)

Deathmatch Weapons Set 1 - 5 new weapons(138K)

Insane weapons patch for Doom 2 (439K)

M16 Doom (197K) - M16 and other realistic weapons

Quake Weapons (733K)

7 New weapons and a Doom 1 level (872K)