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Aliens Army of Darkness Batman
Chook Dr. Who HACX
One Must Fall The Simpsons South Park
Star Trek Star Wars School
The Tick

Aliens The Total Conversion

Doom I v 1.6, 1.9, & Ultimate Doom
Doom I v 1.6 & 1.9
Doom I v 1.2 & 1.6
Doom II v 1.666

Army of Darkness

Doom 1 (764K+99K+2M+655K+744K)
Doom 2 (790K+100K+2M+655K+457K)
Doom 1 update (200K)
Doom 2 update (200K)

Batman Doom 2

PC Batman Doom2 Demo Conversion v1.0

Chook Doom 2

Chook Doom v3

Dr. Who Doom 2

Dr. Who (1.3M)
Tardis Deathmatch Level for Dr. Who Patch (305K)


HACX demo for Doom 2 (5M)

One Must Fall Doom 1 (Doom Must Fall)

Doom Must Fall, 3 files, 1M+ each.

The Simpsons Doom 2

The Simpsons Patch (3M)
A DeHackEd patch for keeping the voices straight

South Park Doom 2

South Park (2.7M)

Star Trek

Star Trek, "NCC1701" for Doom 2 (2.8M)
Extra level for the above patch modeled around the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-D (769K)

Star Wars Doom 1

Star Wars for Doom 1 (3M)


Hartlepool 6th Form College

"Located on the North East coast of England" - This doom 2 wad replaces all monsters in a map of a campus that was made for deathmatch.

School Doom 2

Take on your classmates and faculty. Six levels and all enemies redone.

The Tick

The Tick Doom 2 (2.9M)