Classes Taught at Westminster College

Starting in the Fall of 2014, I am in the Physics Department at Westminster College in western PA.

Teaching Schedule, Fall 2014

Teaching Schedule, Spring 2015

Classes Taught at Quest University Canada

From 2010-2014, I was a Professor of Physical Science at Quest University. Quest is on the block system; professors teach one class at a time, and students take one class at a time. Below are lists of classes that I taught while there. Warning: the links are all currently broken. The server where my course web pages lived has gone through a rebirth (and handover to another professor), so none of the pages are live any more. I will strive to get the content back up on my private web server in the not-too-distant future.

Teaching Schedule, 2013-2014

Block 1Sep. 2013 Cornerstone: What Is Knowledge? (co-taught with Fei Shi)
Block 2Oct. 2013 Advanced Classical Physics
Block 3Nov. 2013 Energy & Matter: Our Quantum World
Block 4Dec. 2013 Life in the Universe (co-taught with Annie Prud'homme Généux)
Block 5Jan. 2013 Object-Oriented Programming
Block 6Feb. 2013 Earth, Oceans, and Space: Astrophysics
Block 7Mar. 2013 Earth, Oceans, and Space: Astrophysics
Block 8Apr. 2013 Quantum Physics

Teaching Schedule, 2012-2013

Block 1Sep. 2012 Cornerstone: The Relationship Between Humans and Nature (co-taught with Normand Perreault)
Physics 3: Quantum Physics & Thermodynamics
Block 4Dec. 2012 Physics 1: Conservation Laws & Newtonian Mechanics
Block 5Jan. 2013 Physics 2: Relativity & Electromagnetism
Block 6Feb. 2013 3D Computer Modelling and Animation
Block 10Jun. 2013 Earth, Oceans, & Space: Astrophysics

Teaching Schedule, 2011-2012

Block 1September, 2011 Cornerstone: The Relationship between Humans and Nature (co-taught with Darcy Otto)
Block 2October, 2011 Energy & Matter: Our Quantum World and Physics 1: Conservation Laws & Mechanics.
Block 3November, 2011 Life in the Universe (co-taught w/Annie Prud'homme Généreux)
Block 5January, 2012 Object-Oriented Programming
Block 6February, 2012 Earth, Oceans, & Space: Astrophysics
Block 7March, 2012 Physics 2: Relativity and Electromagnetism
Block 8April, 2012 Energy & Matter: Our Quantum World

Teaching Schedule, 2010-2011

Block 1September, 2010 The Practice of Statistics
Block 2October, 2010 Energy & Matter
Block 3November, 2010 Astronomy
Block 4December, 2010 Physics I: Conservation Laws, Mechanics, and Relativity
Block 5January, 2011 Physics II: Electromagnetism and Quantum Physics
Block 6February, 2011 Quantum Physics & Web Programming
Block 7March, 2011 Energy & Matter: Our Quantum World
Block 8April, 2011 Physics 1: Conservation Laws & Mechanics (Independent Study)

Classes Taught at Vanderbilt University

From 2001-2007 I was on the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Vanderbilt University. I still have a list of classes and websites from courses I taught there online.