Classes Taught at Quest University Canada

I am a Tutor of Physical Science at Quest University Canada. "Tutor" is what we call the professors here, because our job is not to profess, but to enable students to learn. (My contract, however, tells me that I'm allowed to use the title "professor", so it is also correct to say that I'm a professor at Quest University.)

Teaching Schedule, 2013-2014

Block 1Sep. 2013 Cornerstone: What Is Knowledge? (co-taught with Fei Shi)
Block 2Oct. 2013 Advanced Classical Physics
Block 3Nov. 2013 Energy & Matter: Our Quantum World
Block 4Dec. 2013 Life in the Universe (co-taught with Annie Prud'homme Généux)
Block 5Jan. 2013 Object-Oriented Programming
Block 6Feb. 2013 Earth, Oceans, and Space: Astrophysics
Block 7Mar. 2013 Earth, Oceans, and Space: Astrophysics
Block 8Apr. 2013 Quantum Physics

Teaching Schedule, 2012-2013

Block 1Sep. 2012 Cornerstone: The Relationship Between Humans and Nature (co-taught with Normand Perreault)
Physics 3: Quantum Physics & Thermodynamics
Block 4Dec. 2012 Physics 1: Conservation Laws & Newtonian Mechanics
Block 5Jan. 2013 Physics 2: Relativity & Electromagnetism
Block 6Feb. 2013 3D Computer Modelling and Animation
Block 10Jun. 2013 Earth, Oceans, & Space: Astrophysics

Teaching Schedule, 2011-2012

Block 1September, 2011 Cornerstone: The Relationship between Humans and Nature (co-taught with Darcy Otto)
Block 2October, 2011 Energy & Matter: Our Quantum World and Physics 1: Conservation Laws & Mechanics.
Block 3November, 2011 Life in the Universe (co-taught w/Annie Prud'homme Généreux)
Block 5January, 2012 Object-Oriented Programming
Block 6February, 2012 Earth, Oceans, & Space: Astrophysics
Block 7March, 2012 Physics 2: Relativity and Electromagnetism
Block 8April, 2012 Energy & Matter: Our Quantum World

Teaching Schedule, 2010-2011

Block 1September, 2010 The Practice of Statistics
Block 2October, 2010 Energy & Matter
Block 3November, 2010 Astronomy
Block 4December, 2010 Physics I: Conservation Laws, Mechanics, and Relativity
Block 5January, 2011 Physics II: Electromagnetism and Quantum Physics
Block 6February, 2011 Quantum Physics & Web Programming
Block 7March, 2011 Energy & Matter: Our Quantum World
Block 8April, 2011 Physics 1: Conservation Laws & Mechanics (Independent Study)

Classes Taught at Vanderbilt University

From 2001-2007 I was on the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Vanderbilt University. I still have a list of classes and websites from courses I taught there online.