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          A while back I redid this area, splitting it up into three major sections. The Odds is pretty much stuff that would have gone into the original Stuff Section, and things I don't know where else to put. Quotes, which used to be here, are now in the menu at your left, if you haven't noticed. Things to Do In the Mall was inspiration from a couple of phone conversations with Ashley. Too bad we never got to do most of 'em. Tournaments is a page for the computer game tournaments my friends and I occasionally have at our school. (The Happy Hamsters in Hell Interview link isn't here anymore: it's on the stories page.)

          Weird Lists are all the pages that I made just for the fun of it, and I think it should be known how many weird urls, band, and CD names there are. If you can think of some ones that I missed, please send them in.

          The Creative Writings section is for all the little things I've written. Most of the time, I lack enough focus to finish a long story, but I'll be able to write with total creativity on one subject for a few pages, which is what these are. There are funny things that happened, serious considerations and poetry.