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Macho! Graphic


Macho! Graphic

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A graphic* is a visual creation (two or three dimensional) that uses color, symbols, and words to make a unified statement about something. 

The aim of a graphic experience is to help you synthesize and organize a number of details from divergent sources, connecting them and making them make sense. Sometimes you will be asked to do this as a prewriting activity, a means to an end. Sometimes, as in this assignment, the graphic is an end in itself (i.e. when the graphic is produced to convey an idea or make a unified statement without transforming it further into a piece of written work). 

Assignment:  Create an original and unique graphic which expresses a central idea or theme of Victor Villaseñor's novel, Macho! Remember: This is not an illustration of the book, but a symbolic representation. 


  • Work on this alone. The time to share your ideas is after your graphic is complete, when you are showing it to your class. 
  • Select a unifying symbol or symbols. Symbols are not necessarily artistic. Shapes, colors, sizes, natural objects, etc. can all be symbolic. Let the symbol arise from the work itself. 
  • Your graphic must use quotes from the play. Make careful and meaningful choices. Use ellipses (...) judiciously so that you tell your audience enough, but do not overwhelm. 
  • Your graphic must also use commentary to explain the significance of each quote and toconnect quotes and symbols to the underlying idea, insight, or statement that the graphic conveys. 
  • Your graphic should be titled, not labeled. Select a title that explains what your graphic is about and piques interest. 
  • Integrate your colors, symbol(s) and words to form a pleasing and logical design. 
  • Execute your graphic magnificently. 
      *adapted from Joan Brown, Alameda High School