The Immigrant Experience 

Who is an American?


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As a nation of immigrants, America has a population with diverse histories. Is each immigrant experience unique, or are there commonalities that make us more similar than it seems?  Did all groups come for similar reasons? Did they encounter the same problems?Ý Did they share the same outcomes? Did they affect America in similar ways? Our culminating project, the Immigration Museum, will help us answer these questions and address the unitís central question: Who is an American?

For this project, you will design and create a museum-style exhibition of one immigrant groupís history and experience in America.

To complete your exhibition:

1. Decide whether to work alone or with a partner.

2. Choose a group from the list provided.          
3. Conduct research in print and Internet sources on the reasons why people in your immigrant group left their homelands, the experiences and problems they encountered, and the outcome of these journeys.

4. Design an exhibition to display the results of your research in an interesting and professional-looking way.  

5. Your exhibition should include many of the following items:  (* required)

* The title of the group
* Historical background, including reasons for leaving country of origin
* Photos and sketches
* Cultural traditions brought by the group to America
* Immigrant groupís life in America
* Statistical tables and graphs 
* Annotated bibliography in correct Works Cited format
Major destination(s) in America and port of entry
Excerpts from immigrant stories
Maps of the journey 
Journal entries
Other documents related to the journey
Other artifacts related to the group
Audio tapes
Video tapes 

6. Create your museum exhibition. It should be capable of (literally) standing alone on the floor or on a table. Make your exhibition as attractive and informative as possible. Neatness is essential; creativity is expected. 

7. Important: Texts in your display must be the original composition of the creators unless they are primary documents and are appropriately labeled. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.

8. Even though the exhibition should make sense to the solo viewer, be prepared to act as a ědocentî to your exhibition.