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  • Yes, there's some unabashed recycling of themes but you're very
    honest (to the point of full disclosure ! "...sings HOW DRY I AM" -
    of course when I first heard the bridge on Tequila Mockingbird I
    thought, hey- isn't that how dry I am? And you admitted it, which
    (again in my humble opinion) let's the listener in on the joke or,
    better still, rewards the listener with the information that they
    were indeed CORRECT if they caught it and were wondering)
    There's something for everyone here, you're no one-note jonny,
    that's for sure. Kaledescopic in your reach, and never attempting
    to do what is beyond anybody's capabilities.

    Actually, I don't give you enough credit- but many people 
    just aren't UP for originals and, truth to tell, I took my 
    time getting around to listening to Deja Vu for that very
    reason (I'm very picky and almost NEVER like any recordings 
    that are in stereo (not to mention on CD)...) Your lyrics 
    are so good.

    Proud of you and the band, wish I'd been there to cheer you guys on.

    Even at the bottom of the program the tunes just keep delivering.
    All too often on recordings the first half are the only real
    keepers and the rest is sort of a consolation prize for listening
    past the first 4 or 5.

    Again, the playing is exquisite! I  really should send a valentine
    to Steve A (I always love his playing..) Marty ( didn't know he
    played the goddam tuba!) I love Andrew's playing, they're all

    ... I hope you feel GREAT about this record-

              (Paul Mehling, leader of Hot Club Of San Francisco)

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