The Daze of Our Lives

This is the page where you can tell us in a few paragraphs what you have been doing for 50 years. This essay represents 60% of your grade.

Hope you don't like alphabetical order as much as I don't. Sorting people that way is so arbitrary. The same people in the same order every time is like, yes, the classroom. This list is in truly random order.

Bill Gillingham

Jan McCready Harris

Lynn Crawford Badger

Penny Iyama Lundholm


Danny Smith

Charles Kelly

Greg Cory

Hanna Geshelin
(Helen Bandes)

Steve Yeazell

John Walker

Julia Bergman

Rick Chaponot

Sharon (Shonnie) Berry Brown

Gwynn Williams

Judi Dexter Lewis

Carole Bennett

Sally King

Katie Walker

Jim Jett

Zandra Zimmer Brant

Linda McLay Leslie

Bill Nelson

Roger Ludlow

Mary Hamilton Roberts' class photos from Old Mill
 and Edna Maguire

Diana Weil Randrup

Shelley Macdonald

Velda Hampton


Cheryl Saunders McDavitt

Rick Lewis

Pete Liederman

Homestead School 1956

Elena Lancaster Montgomery

Vicki Denterlein Abelson

Rick Lambretti

Judy Denterlein Thompson

Lynn Farnsworth Whipp

Suzi Cook Levesque

Nancy Thompson Taylor

Peggy Adams Dods

Jane Watson Aker

Doug Chambers

Liza Goldblatt

Fred Mack

John (Ian) Forbes

  Craig Palmer

Kathy Bloom Remaley

Carole McDaniel

Tinsley Stetson

Sara Reiter Davenport

Bob Cogswell

Lee Donnan
Sandy (Ringleman) Burdette Donnan

John "Biff" Younger

Wayne Ybarra

Liz Palmer

Fred Liebes

Laurie Pemberton Maricle

Classmates who have websites will be linked on the Links page.