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We believe in always exceeding the expectations of our clients. We value our clients and are dedicated to providing service to the highest level possible. To accomplish this objective, we consistently achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Here are just a few of the letters we receive from happy clients.

RE: Yosemite Heritage Holidays, 2-3 March 2009
Bobb letter

Merced Black and White Ball

Dear Carla,

Merced loved you and your music!!! Thank you for playing at our Black and White Ball. The feedback has been terrific. Continued good fortune to you and your wonderful band. 

Anita Chisholm

RE: Corporate Party for IDEO, Bimbos 365 Club, San Francisco

Dear Carla,

What can I say? You were truly amazing. People's jaws hit the ground
when we opened the doors at 8:30 and they came through to see your
brilliant group on stage and hear the era-specific music filling the

It was a pleasure to work with you and I can't thank you enough for
adding so much to the success of the evening! We've had many people say
it was the best IDEO party yet.

Thanks again,
Sally Clark
Palo Alto

RE: Holiday Party, December 16th 2011, Pacific Union Club, San Francisco

Dear Carla,

We're looking forward to another terrific holiday dinner dance--
Three years in a row!  What a strong testament that is to the 
wonderful music the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra produces.
Our clients and their guests always enjoy your orchestra's 
style and sound. You all transform the party environment with
the nostalgic period songs you perform so authentically. 
From the stage set up and vintage clothes to the selection and 
arrangements of the songs--Glorious!

And then there's the delightful part of working with you!  As
an event planner I really appreciate the opportunity to have 
the kind of open and reliable communications, which you 
have provided over the years. Thank you.

We anticipate many memorable celebrations dancing to the
music of RSJO!

Kristen McKormick
An Entertaining Company
3520 Deer Park Drive
Santa Rosa,  CA  95404
707-545-1255 phone/fax

Anniversary party, San Jose Country Club.

Hi Carla,

Just a note to say what a wonderful time everyone had at our party. The band was great and played all the songs requested. Everything was done in a professional way and the band had a nice appearance and of course played as well as they always do.

You were very easy to work with and thanks for making the evening a lot of fun. We look forward to working with you again in the future.


      Darrell & Pat Berg

Society Party, Biltmore Hotel, Santa Barbara

Dear Carla,

For twenty years my wife and I have loved listening and dancing to the great music and vocals of the RSJO. We have attended every year in Sacramento, the Mother of all Dixieland Festivals. With over 100 bands, the RSJO is ALWAYS one of the top five, and draws crowds accordingly.

Every three years we organize the "Just For The Hell Of It Dance Party," at the Four Seasons-Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara. As the name suggests, there is no purpose other than to have fun. This year will be the sixth time, and people rave about the RSJO, and these same people have attended every dance for fifteen years, and will be there for this year's event. The RSJO are remarkably consistent and seem to really enjoy themselves as well.


Harry P. Gelles

Anniversary party at Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon 

Dear Carla,

Your music contributed so much to an unforgettable evening.  And I don't
say that casually.  Not only were guests expressing high praise at the
event, but several mentioned two days later that they had gone to so many
functions that were great, but when they were over they were over: but that
they kept thinking back on Friday evening and couldn't get it out of their
minds.  I keep thinking of it this way.

My son (34 years old and in a heavy metal group) said that he initially
thought the music was coming from CDs, was surprised to see a live
orchestra, and extremely impressed at the quality of voices and
musicianship of the group.

My only regret is that Donna and I didn't begin dancing earlier in the
evening.  It seems everyone waited for us to get out and begin dancing.  Oh

We've also played and very much enjoyed the CD you gave us.  Right in the

Thank you for a splendid performance.

Best regards,

Jim Purvis

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