After a horrible incident, a lot of people walk away dazed, a little confused and uncomprehending. I suppose this was the period like that for me: trying to pull myself back together, and figure out where I was.

Internal I got home around 1:00am, back from being counseled by a friend. I was in a rather bleak mood, and felt as though I was completely different than I had ever been before.
One-Man Exodus Some of the feelings from the previous poem mixed with the realization of what was going to happen when I went away to college. I was going to be living on campus, far from home and anything familiar, in a totally different environment, and I was trying to comprehend what that would be like.
Underling I don't quite remember what brought on this poem. I was watching some sort of group interaction, and instead of focusing on the leader as I normally did, I instead looked at one of the followers.
Falter I recently tried to do the hardest job I'd ever attempted, and it got even harder once I was promoted. Parts of it were wonderful, but parts of it were a strain unlike anything I'd ever encountered before. I finally decided to resign from my position, and after I hung up the phone, I felt like I had failed in some massive way.
Self-Rebuke I was hanging out with a friend that I'd known for a while, and got rather disgusted. A little while later, I started writing this poem to vent, but halfway through it, I realized how unfair I was being, and totally changed the direction of the poem.
The Switch After I finished writing this, I wasn't certain whether I should put in the Serious Writings section or the Poetry Section. When I began writing this, I intended for it to be a Serious Writing, and not a poem, but it just sort of turned itself into one. The subject of this poem is something I had been thinking about for a long time, and finally put into words.
Wires This is a short poem of temporary delusion late at night. I suppose the feelings of earlier poems contributed to this one.
Extinguished Imagine holding something you desire in your hand, holding on tightly. The thing is something you desire, encased in a protective covering that cuts your hand the tighter you try to hold on to the item you desire. Imagine the item slipping out of its protective covering, and falling from your grasp. This poem was the feelings from after the item fell from my grasp, and I threw away the painful covering that I was left holding.
Plagued This is my primary motivation to become an insomniac.
Acceptance This is now the most emotionally raw poem I have ever written. People ask how I feel about things now, and these are the emotions that come up in response.
unCertainty Some time later, I was sitting back and looking at my life: looking at the possible paths that it could go, and the way it was progressing at the moment.
Completion I was talking with a friend about my life, and she was attempting to give me advice on something that she had a rather narrow view on. At first I was angry, but then I realized that it wasn't really her fault. She had her life, and her advice applied very well to her life, but not very well to mine. For all she knew about me, she still didn't understand how I looked at certain things in my life.
Dependent You know, it occurs to me that this poem really explains more than half of the phases of my poetry? It explains my motivation for a lot of my actions, and why some things are so important to me. This poem explains my view on relationships, why I've desired one for so long, and why having a meaningful one is one of the most important things for me. This poem really says a lot about me.
Restraint I understand that the intensity that I have concerning my desire to have a strong relationship frightens some people. A lot of people are intimidated by how much it means to me, so I find myself keeping it contained much of the time.
Determination This is my glee over what appeared to be a glimmer of success in my efforts. This follows the conversation from Completion closely.
Sensation Coming into contact with something similar to what you tasted during your time in paradise is an incredible feeling.
End of the Beginning My last night before I left for college, I spent with a very special person.
Reminder Once again, my motivations for becoming an insomniac. Stuff never fully goes away, just lurks in the back of your mind until it's the last thing you're thinking of, then it hits you.
Envelope The sort of child-like wonder contained in this poem is quite similar to the wonder expressed all the way back in Tranquil Warmth. I heartily recommend this to anyone and everyone.
Rejoice A detail that I think bears stressing is the fact that I am generally not an unhappy person. That being said, though, I'm also not someone who is constantly bouncing off the walls with joy. This poem is written from when I woke up in the best mood I've had in a long time.
Recall An attempt to start something new reminded me of the last time I tried, and succeeded. Cogitations and reflections as I started this new endeavor.
I Will As I began this new relationship, I was stricken and besieged by doubt. Looking back, I wonder how differently things would have gone if doubt had stopped me. I'm not surprised that it didn't stop me, though. When you're starting something new that you very much desire, and you realize that it might not work out well, do you ever just stop and say: "No, I'm not even going to try, because there's a chance that this might not work out well in the end"? I certainly don't, although in this case, maybe I should have.
The Metallic Plant My life at college first moved very slowly. Once I got into a relationship, everything began to happen at once.
Foreboding I finally admitted to myself that there was something wrong in my relationship with Tara. I had no idea what it was, however, and that was part of what made it so bad: I had no idea how to fix it.
Nothing Unfaithful people suck.
Charade There was a point at college where I got a little disgusted of how things worked in the dorms, socially. Do you ever feel pressure to be someone other than who you want to be?
Expelled Some time later, Tara ran into me and attempted to strike up a conversation as though we were old friends. Screw that.
The Fallen The sequel to (surprise) The Fall. The thing that drove me down still torments me.