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This section is designed to vent the artistic tendencies of the mind of the author. It can vary all over the map, though it seems to be mostly whinning about the state of the world. Somehow, it all connects or doesn't connect to bicycling.

Seasonal Missive 08

Follow the money 1-14-08

Why things aren't changing 12-18-07

WOW! 10-29-07

The Magic 6-22-07

Living Simply II

Living Simply

Election Day 2004

Daring Danger 3-19-04

Winter up-date 3/24/03

The Ramblin' Here and Now 1-8-03

War is alway wrong - ode to stackage

GOING BIG - A pretty cool ride

Girl Scout Redemption ride (phew, finally a story about bikin')

Thoughts on 9-11 (Non-cycling content)

Brothers again

Where are we? 9-4-02

Klassic Korte

The Center 7-17-02

Monday 7/15/02

The world Just Doesn't Get It!

Buy Happiness!!! The American Way

The Balance Wheel 5-22-02

Rainy Days 5-21-02

Kelly - Advise on buying a bike

How to attain Enlightenment 5-16-02

Middle of the Road 5-16-02

Survival 5-7-02

Far from peace 3-27-02

Parting of the clouds, sort of...

A quick girl scout romp 3-21-02

The UPS lament 3-18-02

Enjoy it while you can

Towards a more sustainable world 3-08-02

Keep 'er Steady and Trimmed 2-20-02

When things fall into place 2-4-02

The moment of indecision

Mt. Bikin' and the war in Afghanistan

A Weak Finish

A New Dawn 1-11-02

Cross Training 1-9-02

Another Cloudy Day (poem) 1-7-02

Jail Brake 01-05-02

The Winter Funk 01-02-02

Fred's Birthday 12-26-01

Holiday Lap 12-23-01

War Rumblings 12-20-01

Night flight 11-26-01

Forced Bike Ride 11-25-01

Addendum to Slight mis... 11-22-01

Slight Miscalculation   11-20-01

Serial #1   11-19-01