Previous Moonrides


The Double Eclipse

Lonesome offering

A Mystical adventure of moonlight mountain bikin' madness Sept. 09

Hopelessly moonstruck individual victim of a Fool's adventure August 09

Luna's Dozen chillin' on the St. Helena Downhill July 09

Mickey lets the coyotes know the Alpha male is in the woods -June 09

The 420 comet about to strike - March 09

A Mountain lion stalks the Bikin' Fools

Classic MSD


The Annadel Quartet -  Sept. moonride

Linz B-Day bash turns into a moonride

Celebrating 180 Moonrides - A classic Oat Hill ride

Linz in the Madrone Triangle - 7-08

Bike Pile heads towards adventure along the Columbia River 6-08

Eric Cruisin' on the Boardwalk

Fuzzy Duds™ bloom on the Indian Warrior trail

Fuzzy in deep - the Equi-knocks

A Fool is born; an unexpected moonride

NCS - Totality Experienced

Marinites celebrate La Luna

February moon dodges the sun (and most of the riders)

The Freedom Ride -January moonride (crawl) 08

Fuzzy Duds rock the Solstice - Dec 07

November moonriders enjoy warmth in the cold night

Bikin Fools and La Luna celebrate Dr. J.'s B-day 10-07

Premature Illumination -   Sept. Moonride

The Great Crossing - August moonride

The Moonlight Mystical Mavens - June moonride -07

The long shadow of the Post Kinetic Syndrome - Blue moonride

The Birthday Boy heads into the wilderness - Mayday moonride

Auriah snoozes on top of the volcano - April moonride

Linz struggles towards Jeremy's Ridge - March Moonride

The Night After - 2nd Feb 07 moonride

Matt deftly cleans another tough technical obstacle Feb 07 moonride

Dinner in Church     !st Jan 07 moonride

Crumpled rider at the end of a thrilling downhill  Dec. 06 moonride

The faithful worship in the woods - Nov 06 moonride

A Bountiful Harvest for the October Moon

"I'm serious, Sasquatch lives right over there..." - 1st Sept Moonride 

Tone and Eric's spontaneous ride - 2nd sept Moonride

The Third Wave - 3rd sept moonride

Broken Ridge Revisited - August moonride

Dam Good Ridin'          July Moonride

June Water Caper  June 06 moonride

The Power Ploy - Fire inspired moon riding May moonride

The San Francisco forty steiners - April moonride

Bovine Intervention - March Moonride

Into the Fog - February moonride

Alien Bike Pile, Friday the 13th - January moonride

Carlos adds his spirit to the Dec. moonride

Shawn leads the crowd down Seidel's Lost Option - Nov. moonride

The ultimate Bikin' Harvest Moon: The Brothers Milanes

1st Sept. moonride - Heidelberg Ridge Run

2nd Sept. moonride - KVR (Korte's Virtual Reality)

3rd Sept. moonride - Reluctant Harbin

Water Music - August moonride

July Moonride - Dog Days of Summer

June Moonride

May Moonride

April Moonride

Eric's Six-O - Feb Moonride

Sugar Loafin' - March moonride

Christmas Eve December moonride

Knight lite - January 05 moonride

Thanksgiving Eve - November Moonride

A Total Eclipse - October Moonride

A Thorny Affair - Sept Moonride

Flat City - August moonride

July Moonride - Swimmers - now with pics

Where's the Party? 2nd July moonride - A ready made event suprises the 'fools

June Moonride - Shortest ride ever - Wasted from the Kinetic Sculpture race, the crew undertakes a mild event

May Moonride - Trial of the Century   The Judge Davis Trail provides a treasured outing and tall tales

April Moonride - On the Inside  A lovely ride into the hills beyond the Looney Bin

March Moonride  -  Bike Route II   The night riders revisit a previous adventure

February Moonride - Cobb-a-thon The bikers climb high into the mountains, only to find that they are lost

January 04 - The Wild, Wild Lilac   The lunatistas revisit a favorite haunt, the Wild Lillac Trail out of RLS

December Lunacy - The Shining Path A sweet ride through East RLS to Mountain Mill House. Eight riders communed with La Luna for this wintry event

November Moonride - Happy Campers The November weather looked shaky for the ride, but relented for a sensational Pacific Coast event. Six riders camped for the night at Pomo Campground.

McGuire Magic... The October moonride The moonriders descend into Middletown from Montesol.

St. Helena Shortcut - Sept. Moonride The lunatistas romp on the flanks of Mt. St. Helena. Also included was a drop of the spillway at Lake Guisolfo.

The First August Moonride Cirrus, Lucy and Eric shred the Wild Lilac

The Second August Moonride Another classic Lake crossing

May Moonride - Ecliptomania Fools shmob Boggs with dinner and eclipse viewing

April Moonride - Fire Use Only! This delightful ride covered areas on the mountains south of Calistoga. L-factor, fireworks, flats and a great dinner.

March 03 Moonride - Knights Valley Delight - 10 lunatistas cruise the popular moonride with dinner and ice cream

Feb 03 Moonride - Two riders - Eric and Auriah pick the only dry day of the week to cruise the girl scouts backwards through the storm thrashed Van Ness Creek area.

Feb 03 Moonride II - Six riders start an ill-fated rain ride. Only three complete the Rollers.

January '03 Moonride -  Overpowered - The fools dare to tread across the unstable grounds of the geothermal powerplants

December 02 Snow, Wind and the Digery Do Eight inches of snow made for an interesting winter moonride

November 02 Classic St. Helena Downhill - The fools gather to romp down the slopes of the generous Mt. St.Helena.

Oct. 02 - Fall Fun Harvest  The County line provided the fools with a delightful downhill romp through Seidel's no-longer lost bikin' park

Sept. 02 Moonride Plan A and B. One massive group started this hero ride, four split off and basked in the easy zone.

August '02 Moonride LOST!!! Sebastion shows up for the failed effort to find Mike's route to Lake Hennesy.

July '02 Moonride  (now with pics) Another interesting assault on the hot tubs. Massive beer infusion before the ride defined the evening.

June '02 Moonride, Jason and the Arrrg! onauts. This classic ride included a water crossing, a rookie and serene beauty on the lake. Classic pictures

Law and Order    Jim Korte takes the Bikin' Fools on a poach of Armstrong woods. A close encounter with the law marks this episode. Pics

Seidel's LOST...  and    FOUND!!! Option (March '02 moonride) After many attempts to find the route, finally the moonlight mavens find the cool, park-like run down the mountain

Vagina Moonologues (2nd Feb. 02 moonride) The arrival of the woman's racing team in Calistoga prompts the Fools to invite them along. Like most fantasies, this one remained as such.

Late December Moonride This ride combined a variety of hiking, biking and camping at the Church of The Holy Spoke

January 02 Moonride - Snow Job While some of the fools were off snowboarding, the core group slipped and skidded across Boggs Mt. on the way to the hot tubs.

Parallel Universe (Feb. '02 moonride) A turn of events creates a ride from nowhere. Linz, Michael and Eric ride the St. Helena downhill when they should have been in bed.

Between Storms - Almost Racing the weather, the Fools fail to keep dry. But the Girl Scout loop provides the forum for a great outing.

Is This Really Happening? A ride to the hot tubs in funky weather

The Chosen Few This ride transited the Knight's Valley ranch and ended up at Lindsey's house

A Huffy Moon A rare visit from Sebastion made this ride memorable

Downieville by Dawn  Riding the classic downhill course at night provided new thrills for the Bikin' Fools

450 Infractions This ride was a rare co-ed event. Fireworks and the ocean provided spikes on the chart of bikin' fun

Cloud of Dust Fellow conspirator takes the fools on a guided tour of hills above Knights Valley

All Downhill Linz races the Casita to the beginning of a great run down Mt. St. Helena

Blast from the past  text and pics by Ryan Gracy

Bikin'fools in the Mist A classic ride in the rain to the Church of the Holy Spoke  (with pics)

A beer sighting...(pics) The first moonride over McGuire Peak ending up at the Brewpub in Middletown

Parting of the Clouds (with pics) Another great ride at the ocean, with fireworks

Baker's Dozen A ride with many people at Boggs Mt.

Bike Route The slide for life, cops and more marked this epic adventure which left a notable mark still visible along highway 128.

The Alpha and The Omega (with pics) A huge ride across the Maacama ridge and down from Locke Cabin. Soccer Pro stacks hard, not once but twice getting run over the second time.

Atlas Shrugged (with pics)This ride was scouted by air. L-factor was overcome to lead the lunatistas to the secret CIA helicopter pad.

Lindsey's Choice Linz led the lost lunatistas into the midnight. They would terrorize Sam and his lady when they stumbled into his back yard trying to find the lost link to Bothe.

Sacre Blur (with pics) Michel brought his friend Antoine along. He would never be seen again on a moonride.

Sidel's Totally Lost Option

Fuzzy Logic (with pics)

Table Rocket - First passage of Palisades trail complete with pyrotechnics

Witness to the moon

Penumbra Shadow One of the classic moonrides. Total darkness did not deter the fools from a date with destiny

Solstice (with pics)

Del Mar (with pics)

5-4-1 Split


Clear Sailing (with pics)

Sta-Puff Caper (with pics) Monster ride designed with swim.

The Double Crossing - Classic Lake Sonoma with Eric, Linz and Morgan locked in at the end...